Aug 3, 2013

Up! Up! And away!

There are some benefits working for a large Silicon Valley company like Yahoo!, and interestingly sometimes these benefits become mortal enemies. Let me explain, last August the food became free on campus. This means breakfast, lunch and even dinner if you for some reason happen to still be around. Free food is obviously great. Who would complain?

Well, obviously the Swede will. Because the food being free is great, don't get me wrong, however there are things that you should have to pay for to reduce the temptation for over-consumption. Yes, I am talking about those devilishly attractive chocolate bars, soft drinks and potato chips. Yes, potato chips! For free! I simply don't have the integrity to say 'no'.  

So it might not come as a surprise that the company has decided to act on this, by challenging the entire company to walking an additional 100 miles in one month. This is tracked by a simple device you carry on your wrist, called 'Jawbone'. Great, right? 'Not so fast', objects the complaining Swede.

This little amazing device does not only track how many steps you take, but also the amount of calories ingested and how many hours of sleep, and the quality of sleep you get. Do you really think that any good news will come out of this? Any possibility of the news coming back is 'yes, you get the exercise you need, and your two kids allow you to sleep sufficiently'?

Don't think so. 

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