Jul 17, 2013

How Technology Makes You Old

Technology profoundly changes our lives and they way we communicate, which is probably why each generation will remind the upcoming one of the time before this incredible change when we lived in a cave with a rock to play with. My parents for example will go on and on about their first television, which was in black and white with only two channels AND no remote control. This is about the time I am rolling my eyes, again.

And as the law of nature state to assure the universe does not collapse, I will obviously do the same with my kids. I will ramble about the first time I used a computer which was a small green screen with only two lines and a small dot to play with. At this point, my children will be rolling their eyes, as they have grown up in a house with more computers than people living in it.

On Skype with grandma

This is why I initially thought it was a great idea to try and get the username for Miss Cupcake and Mr Bear when Yahoo! is now allowing you to ask for your preferred username. Then I realized that if I get them, by the time they are ready to use it, they will probably look at me, rolling their eyes, thinking - email?!? Is that in black and white? 

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