Aug 4, 2013

The Joy of a Street Corner

There are many ways to define the benefits of a new job; more pay, a promotion, the corner office or a fancy title. For people living in San Francisco and commuting down to the South Bay each and every day, putting up with a lot of traffic, crazy amount of traffic or 'it is Thursday and everyone heads out early to go to Lake Tahoe' traffic, a simple phrase explains it all; South of Market. 

Wait a minute Mr Daddy? Are you implying that you are changing job? Nope. Even better, my lovely wife is! I couldn't be happier for her! Happy because it is a great position at a great company. Happy because I know how hard she worked to get it. And more than anything, incredibly happy that she will now be working in the SoMa district, at Pinterest

Congratulations Sexy Mom! And for the rest of you, if you aren't doing it already - start pinning! Starting with this blog for example...

Le Champion!

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