Aug 3, 2012

It's a Free World

I have always been fascinated by the relationship people have to the word 'free'. Well, maybe not fascinated, but if I do not write something similar, the entire base for this blog entry alongside the interest you might have in reading it kind of looses weight, so just go with me, ok? 'Fascinated' it is. Maybe even 'intrigued', even though it is probably pushing it. 

Anyways, there are many things that are seen as purely ridiculous behavior, but standing in a line for an hour to get a free sample is not one of them. Independent of the size of the sample. And who doesn't love a 'buy one get one free' offer, because you get a free one. Wow! You did not pay for the first one, obviously, so you saved money.

This rant is based upon the fact that we now get free food at the Yahoo! office in Sunnyvale. The breakfast is free, the lunch is free, the coffee is free, the soft drinks in the vending machine are free. Everything free. The expected riots where people would come to work with a truck loading food for the entire family did not happen, instead most people think like me; 'how do I manage to not gain weight'?

Because to my great horror, the bags of Kettle potato chips are free. 'Operation bikini' is in danger. 

No coincidence I am now back to the company gym, which happens to be free.  

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