Mar 3, 2013


The best way of knowing that you are getting older is that time becomes a tricky concept to keep track of. It feels like only yesterday we packed up all of our things, yet again, and moved over to Nopa. And that was over nine months ago! It is not really the fact that time flies that makes me feel old, but the fact that I will say it out loud. "Wow. Time flies". 

One way of measuring how long we have lived in the new house is the time it takes for our lemons to ripen. I bought the tree only days after opening the last box, and this weekend it was time. Lemonade time!

Miss Cupcake helped me to pick the lemons, 'squish' them as she refers squeezing the juice out of them, she ate most of the sugar that was supposed to be in the lemonade and lost interest of making lemonade once I took out the ice cubes.

But it turned out an excellent batch of homemade lemonade. When we moved in we also put a bun in the oven. Wonder if this means it is done as well?

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