Feb 25, 2013


I drive with one hand on the shift stick with my left elbow resting on the car door. Note that this is an automatic car so there is no need to desperately hold on incase you need to change gear as the car does that for you in true American spirit. So why then?Very simple; that is how my dad drives. 

I did not copy this behavior on purpose, I guess I just seen him do that so many times that I have mimicked it. This obviously raises a scary question; what will my kids copy from me?!?

There are some early signs. If they are positive or not, I will leave up to you to decide. Miss Cupcake went to the supermarket the other day, and was appalled to find a bag of shredded cheese left in the block cheese section. She did not settle down until she could put order in the cheese section. Also, to dad's immense joy and pride, is constantly asking to listen to Velvet Underground, and wanted to dance ballet to the White Stripes the other day.

And as the photo indicates, we apparently sit the same way as well.  

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