Dec 17, 2012

Thank You Kindergarden Teachers

Throughout time wise men and women have debated, scientists have split DNA strings and parents have been blogging for the answer to the same great unanswered question; what is easier to raise; boys or girls? 

I obviously do not have the answer to this, however we are about to get a hint as pastry number two is a boy. Obviously in my mind, all kids are like my little Miss Cupcake, as this is my point of reference. So any conclusion are not related to gender, but having a child; the incredible amount of joy and love given to you, the decrease in beauty sleep, the increase in 'lines of expressions' (read wrinkles) and improved ventilation (read loss of hair). 

What I can tell, by absolute certainty after having organized Miss Cupcake's pre-Birthday party this weekend; I can not tell if boys or girls are harder to raise, but I can say that two is harder than one. And the house full of kids is crazy! So consider this an open letter to all kindergarden teachers; I don't know how you do this everyday, but you rock! Hard rock!

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