Dec 23, 2012

90 Degrees of Perfection

"-You don't understand me! I hate you!" If my children at some point do not scream this to me in a dramatic scene that ends with a door slam, I have failed as a parent. And at that very moment, I will keep to myself the obvious truth; we do our best to 'free' ourselves from our parent only to catch ourselves acting the exact same way.

There are things that get programmed into our brain, like a virus, from observing our parents a gazillion times. When I drive I always lean my left elbow on the window (if I can reach it) and keep my right hand on the stick. I don't think about it. Just do it. Like my dad. When sleeping I also always keep one foot outside of the blanket as a 'temperature regulator'. Works like a charm. Like my mom does.   

So even though I should know this by know, and will play that card when the time comes, it still surprises me when Miss Cupcake does things that she got from me. For example; my parents are in town for Christmas, and they brought some of my old car toys that I used to manically organize and park in perfect lines (I have a slight obsession, remember?). 

The first thing Miss Cupcake does when seeing all the cars is to take them one by one and start to park them in lines. 

My reaction? The lines were not perfectly straight. 

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