Oct 15, 2012

Boys! Boys! Boys!

I have never been much of a supporter of the entire world of books that surround child birth and parenting. They are kind of like the adverts for tampons with happy women running around holding hands in white pants smiling, that is not a direct representation of reality. And the worst part about these books; they never tell you to trust your instinct as a parent, only whatever practice they are selling... I mean advocating. 

There is one theory that I like though; it basically says that a lot of parents first have a girl and then a boy. And the reason is that when you are a couple without kids, there is a tendency to not be very healthy, i.e. the intake of alcohol and/or tabacco is higher than the intake of physical activity. As boys need perfect conditions to survive, you are more likely to have a girl. Now, with one kid, you don't have time to go out as much, so the conditions improve, and you have a boy next time around. 

Moral of the story; we are happy to present to you all [insert boy name here] Renstrom Oviedo. Yes, we are having our second child, and it is a boy. I can only hope that this implies that I am being more healthy...