Dec 14, 2012


Big surprise; I am Swedish. Yes; meatballs, pop music, blonde women, folded furnitures... you know the story. If I have to choose, there is one word that defines us ex-Vikings converted into socialism banner holders better than any other word related to 'being good at making queues and trying to be equal' in my book; 'lagom'.

The concept is very simple: 'lagom' means that it is neither too much nor too little, it is simply 'just right'. Now you might think that this is a subjective measurement as 'just right' means different things to different people. Trust me; not to swedes. We know exactly how much 'just right' is. 

As an example; most things in the US would not be considered 'lagom', but probably a bit too much. This is not necessarily bad, just... not 'just right'. And there are times when it shouldn't be neither too much nor too little; like potato chips, or Christmas decoration. That is the time to bring it on! Go nuts! Just look at these houses in our neighborhood. Anti-lagom at its best!

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