Dec 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!

'Overwhelming' is probably a good way of describing being a father, at least to me. I cannot think of a single thing that gives such incredible love and joy to my life, and at them same time managing to drive me slightly more crazy. And with substantial more gray hairs. At the end of the day; Miss Cupcake makes me a better person. 

My little 'señorita' is turning 3 years old today. I am not entirely sure what I am more proud of; the wonderful person she is becoming, or me having survived this gig for these years without previous experience. What I can say is that I love her so much I am now scared of everything.

But the fear of that big cold world outside gets a bit more manageable when I lay beside her in the dark waiting for her to fall asleep, and I all of a sudden hear her whisper; 

-'You know what dad? You are my best friend'. 

I can only hope she will some day understand what those moments mean to me.  

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