Sep 26, 2011

Organizing Freedom

We all have our particular identity features. That is, we are all a bit crazy. It might be a weird fobia, rituals and habits that cannot and will not be changed as the well being of the earth and its habitants depends on them. Admit it, you have them as well.

I am not different. I have a thing about organizing stuff. It borderlines obsession. Think about it. I am a Swede, we are known for organizing freedom, and even they look at me as pushing it. Heavy stuff. When Sexy Mom is cooking, she will take out the salt to use it, turn to move whatever is sizzling in the pan and when she looks back the salt is gone. What happened? Ghosts? Memory loss? No, Markus was there. Organizing.

I am aware of this. Do not plan to change my behavior. 

This means that I actually love one thing that most people hate. To un-do the luggage. Before you stop respecting me, please let me explain. It is fun for two reasons; you put all the stuff in its place which of course is a joy in itself, and it also means taking out all the new stuff that you got on the trip and finding its new place. It's porn for the organizing maniac.

Back from our sold-out European tour in Sweden and Spain, we got these things amongst others. Vintage alarm clock, Swedish icon the 'Dala-horse', toys for Miss Cupcake and the program for the   local festivities in Talavera (Sexy Mom's home town). All with a nice vintage touch to it. And nicely organized to fit into our home, don't you think?

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