Nov 19, 2012

Super Dad; Part 2

It is amazing that there are things you never ever forget how to do. Like riding a bike for example. You can go months, even years, without biking, but once you have the manual downloaded, you will always know. Great, isn't! So if the human brain has this skill, why does it not apply it to more important tasks, like caring for a newly born?!?

Pastry number two is on the way, 'only' four months away, and we are all prepared; we have the stroller, the crib, the toys and the big sister. Only one thing missing; how did you do this again?

We had the always lovely Jordan & Katie come over the other day with the latest addition to the Green Bay Packer fans; Harvey. 

I of course wanted to hold him, babies are so great especially when you can return them to the parents when they start to cry. I bend down to take him up from the stroller, and my brain that is set to 'struggling two-year olds', applied the power accordingly. Note; Harvey is not that heavy, so I almost send him flying across the room. After this excellent start that I hope no one noticed, I had to remember to support the head, get the rocking motion going and look like I knew what I was doing, because I didn't. How can I possibly have forgotten it all so quickly?!?

Luckily Miss Cupcake has promised to be a 'super helper', and help with the diapers. Maybe she can show me how it is all done...

P.S Baby, if you read this in the future, I am just joking. Daddy knows exactly how to do it. More or less.

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