Nov 20, 2012

Sex in the City

We have all been there; pondering on which character on 'Sex in the City' you relate most to? In my case, Carrie is played by Sarah Jessica Parker, so it does not matter what she does as a character; cannot stand her. Samantha is way too confident, and Miranda way too cynical. So I guess I am Charlotte; straight A student, overly optimistic and a hopeless romantic. Charlotte it is. 

This is what I end up thinking getting off the bus in the Financial District in San Francisco, and going out in what for a second could be Wall street in New York; skyscrapers, yellow taxis, people in suits and the Starbucks coffee in their hand in that 'I'm very important going to an important place' walking pace. It is for some reason very 'Sex in the City'

I am also walking to somewhere important - work. I am still at Yahoo!, but have been transferred to the office downtown in San Francisco. When you tell this to people at work, they all answer the same thing; 'wow, the commute must be amazing'. And yes, yes it is. Goodbye highway 101, goodbye 3.5 hours in a shuttle each day and hello 20 minutes of bus line 38.

Ok, so taking the bus is not very 'Sex in the City'...

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