Nov 12, 2012

Say 'No' To Scheduled Gifts

I really hate to buy presents. And it is not about spending the money or outsmarting old ladies with shopping carts around the 'sales' bins. No, I hate to buy presents because I love to give presents. That is, when I find the perfect, special present (perfectionist? me?) for that special person in mind, not because I have to because the calendar is marking December and the malls need to hit their sales targets. 

I on the other hand is the easiest person in the world to give presents to, as you simply have to buy a nice bottle of wine, or a vinyl record, or both, and I will be more than thrilled. Delighted is the word. Because that is what you want, to make people feel special, and thrilled about a gift. This is why giving presents to Miss Cupcake is the greatest thing there is.

She will bring her hand to her chest, open her eyes widely and say; 'a present? for me?'. Any actress practicing in her bedroom to accept an Academy Award would envy the graceful posture. Miss Cupcake would then proceed to opening the gift, that can be a candy or a pen, and sigh a 'woooow' of luck of having been blessed with a pack of raisins (of the expensive brand that is). 

Above you can find the wish list of little Miss Hepburn if you are wondering. The thing to be marvelled about is not the selection of bunnies and boots, but that she spelt her name, almost in the correct order, and an 'e' with a lot of bars, because they are funny to make.

Don't think I am making your gift buying life easier however, they are all already taken. You have to find your own special gift to Miss Cupcake. Ands he will appreciate it, with grace. I promise. 

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