Nov 27, 2011

I Commute, Therefore I Am

If we don't complain about the weather, we complain about the commute. That is just how it works. There is a need to air ones discontent about the two phenomenas which human kind have no control over whatsoever; weather and traffic.

If you mention the 101, the highway that goes from San Francisco, past the airport and down south to San Jose passing the Silicon Valley Internet communities of Palo Alto (Stanford), Mountain View (Google) and Sunnyvale (Yahoo!), a shiver goes down the spine of any commuter. It is not a matter of if there will be traffic, it is simply a matter of where

The 101 is the ugly relative of the pararel running 280 highway that swirls along the green hill tops of the coast line. Think sun, surfing and a convertibles full of women in bikinis. The 101 is flat, surrounded by 70:ies inspired concrete blocks housing auto shops, public storage facilities and airports. Think eastern Europe on a bad hair day.

It's decadence is beautiful in the morning light accompanied by Boris Vian.     

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