Nov 21, 2012

Daddy Papparazzi

Imagine that you at twenty years-old realize that your loving dad has been documenting big part of your life with photos and videos included? I am sure you would react kind of like Miss Cupcake in this image. For those of you being slightly older and computers were not around when you were twenty, just imagine that it was a papyrus role...

I will take that day when it comes... The purpose of this blog has shifted from 'keeping family updated on what is going on as I feel bad for being so far away', to 'rediscovering my affection for writing' to keeping a diary for my beloved Miss Cupcake (and my each time worse memory...).  

Unfortunately time flies, which you realize when you stumble over some old photos of Miss Cupcake. Luckily gray hair and wrinkles makes a man sexy, right? Please...?

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