Nov 27, 2012

Belly Growing

The worst part of being a parent is having to be around other parents. It seems that when you get a child, you also automatically get a strong need to share with the rest of the world about the color of your child's po-po, sleeping and eating habits, and the incredible things your child now can do, similar to only the rest of all kids in the world . There are even parents that make an entire blog to rant about their kids all the time... 

So yes, where was I... We are having our second baby! And the biggest change so far, when we are about 2/3 from launch, is the space continuum. The first pregnancy took forever, and now we are freaking out because we are only three months away and I do not know what to wear. Time is running past so fast I haven't had time to even talk about the pregnancy! Can you people even sleep without knowing?!?

Seeing the we are no total pro's, not much to add really. What can be deduced however so far; there seems to be a relationship between the increasing size of Sexy Mom's belly over time, and the decrease of her hair length.

Both things looks pretty darn good on her.  

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