Dec 5, 2012

Boxes Full of Fun

Thinking back, I think the best Christmas gift I ever got when I was a kid was probably when my sister and I got the table hockey game (Sweden vs. USSR - the good old days!), and some kind of Lego (a castle maybe?). I remember running back and forth between the two all night long. The only reason why I remember this as being the best gifts, is that I cannot recall further back in time. 

Because if I could, the answer would be different. For sure. And it would be different for all of you. Because nothing says happiness, hours of entertainment and source of joy like a video game. Wait, no. I meant a big cardboard box.  

Miss Cupcake and I spent time yesterday playing ice cream parlor, house and 'sleeping' (I had to sleep inside and she woke me up, which in my head at the time was labeled 'the homeless game').

The question is; should I notify Miss Cupcake that there was something in that box, or will that only disappoint her?

P.S This is post number 400!! 

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