Oct 10, 2012


Last time we went back to visit the family back in the rural backyard of Santa Claus, I borrowed my dads car to get into civilization. I have been driving for 16 years now, so I do as I always do; get in, adjust the seat and mirrors, check the hair, put on some rock n roll, turn the keys and put the shift into 'D'.

But wait... nothing happens. That's weird. The shift seems to be stuck somehow... I look around, and to my great surprise there are not two but three pedals on the floor! What kind of car is this! Yes, my lazy American inspired mind has already decided that my knowledge of driving a manual car now are completely useless in the land of the automatic cars, and should therefore be disposed off.

Now we are expecting child number two, and I am desperately looking around in the attic (read brain) for my knowledge about how to take care of newborns. And so far I am not finding much... and I am starting to freak out. It all started when we went to visit out beloved friends, and now proud parents of little Harvey, Jordan and Katie. I of course wanted to hold the two day old Harvey, and when reaching down to lift him up, my brain was set to 'two year old's who weight 30 pounds and fight to get down'. Harvey does not weigh 30 pounds and does not support his head.

This is when I realized I forgot it all. It only got worse when we got diapers from a friend for newborns. My first instinct was that they were toy diapers for Mr Bjorn. But they are for real.

Does ctrl+alt+delete work on human brains as well to re-boot the system and start over again?

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