Feb 12, 2012

Swinging Buddies

You need someone to take your back to form a dynamic duo to combat villains. 

Luke Skywalker had Han Solo. 
Mario had Luigi. 
Frodo had Sam. 
Beavis had Butthead (I am of the MTV generation, remember?). 
Batman, I guess had Robin, kind of... 
Superman is way to cool to need some supporting actor in tights to back him up. 

So let me introduce to you the one that takes Miss Cupcake's back: Mr Bjorn.

She refers to him as her baby. He does not mind. He now goes where Miss Cupcake goes. She is on the slide? He has already gone down to check the status of the track. She is on the swing? He is swinging alongside. She is in the kitchen eating chocolate? He is in the corner, where she threw him to go running for the chocolate, waiting, somewhat annoyed but patiently, for her to come back and covering him with chocolate stains.

Most important are his super powers however - the magic ears. Because when Miss Cupcake sleeps, she touches his ears; lightly caressing them until she falls asleep, hugging him, all safe.

Yes, they make a invincible couple - Miss Cupcake and Mr Bjorn. To the rescue!

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