Sep 4, 2012

I Salute you Mid-Life Crisis!

Nothing like a good old life crisis. I have no idea why people fear them. I say - embrace thou fear of growing older and thou shall use this opportunity to enhance thou life with a solid excuse. And in my case, I guess you can label it a mid-life crisis, which makes it sound even more dramatic. It is really like being a kid in a candy store, it is difficult to know where to start. 

The classics are not very creative in my mind, simply kind of worn-out at this stage. Buying a Ferrari, or similar, would not make much sense as it is complicated to fit the car seat for Miss Cupcake, and we just bought a car and having to talk with car salesmen more than ones every ten years is simply an abuse on the mind that does more damage than the joy of driving any kind of vehicle could ever repair. 

Starting to hang out with younger women is not even necessary as I am a man that plan ahead. My wife is six years younger than myself so I am covered. But then I got it. I found the perfect thing that mixes a bit of craziness, a bit of an attempt to feel young and cool again, and bit of possibility to break bones for a parent with very limited time windows to get out of the house to do leisure stuff by himself.

I got a long-board.  

It is very similar to snow board, which I did back in Sweden, probably when I got some kind of crisis for 20 year-olds, so I kind of got the hang of it right away (read I can stand on it without falling). I go up and down the street, so I can do it while Miss Cupcake takes a bath with Sexy Mom. The fear of breaking my neck definitely gives me an adrenaline rush, and let's be honest - the long board is an excellent accessory to attract the attention of the ladies. 

As I said - the perfect midlife crisis!

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