Sep 3, 2012

It's Time for the Metrosexuals

Whatever happened to the 'metrosexuals'?!? Are they still around? Now it is all about the hipsters and their organic hummus, trimmed facial hair and vintage tight jeans. And I have had it! It is time that they rise again, with their Gucci bags in one hand and clutch their manicured fingers in a fist to take back what is theirs - the number one spot within the self-loving sub-cultures. 

And I will support the movement. Oh yes, I am a revolutionary! I am willing to not only talk the talk, but I will walk the walk. All the way to the nail salon at the corner to get my first ever pedicure, which was a delight of bubbly warm water, foot massage and the perfect amount of day to day luxury with an enough of a ridiculous price to make it feel special.   

And I felt so fabolous afterwards that I just had to walk into the corner cafe, surrounded by stinking hipsters, and with my best impersonation of the Carrie (yes, the Sex in the City one) self-asteem I orded a white wine and just sat in the sun to really soak in my lovely trimmed foot nails. And I just know it, that one day, we will rise again and rule the covers of Esquire...

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