Sep 5, 2012

A Liquid Nitrogen

There are activities that unify all children independent of background, color or culture in a unison eruption of love. I will now mention a few of these, and the fact that some of you will surely say that you did not appreciate that particular activity only confirms my hypothesis, so don't get smart about it. You need an exception to confirm the rule. 
As I was saying, for example, all children tend to love animals. And they don't even have to be furry and cute animals. Miss Cupcakes loves to chase flies. Not sure if that falls under 'love for animals' or 'love for chasing stuff'. However, it is a perfect cliff hanger for the next thing; chasing things. For no particular reason whatsoever, start running on the street and the child will run after you. Laughing. And the last example, because you need three examples to support a statement, is that all kids love to go to the beach and to get into the water. Even though the water is freaking freezing. Actually that was two examples in one. Almost three if you ask me. 

This labor day weekend we went to Baker beach in San Francisco, which displayed a beautiful summer day at its best. The fog had hidden the Golden Gate Bridge behind a wall painted white, the wind was coming from the west and the temperature allowed for only one layer of long sleeved. Sexy Mom cuddled under a blanket, wearing a jacket and mumbling something about 'crappy excuse of a summer' for the eighth time, while Miss Cupcake sported her newly bought swim suit and went straight for the water. 

Of course I had to go with her, and the first reaction when the water impacted my foot was to let out a girlish scream. It was not so much the surprise of the fact that the water was so cold, but the amazement of how water can morph into liquid nitrogen. Thirty seconds in the water, that barely covered my foot, seemed like an eternity. At this point, Miss Cupcake had been running in and out of the water, fallen down once and got completely soaked, but was still jumping up and down screaming her joy of having this incredible opportunity to enjoy this paradise of liquid nitrogen. 

Which takes me to my next statement; parents endure just about anything just to see their children laugh. Like amputating a couple of frozen of toes...

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