Aug 22, 2012

To Beard or not to Beard

Facial hair is a serious issue on a political, international and human evolvement level. It spurs heated discussions around the existence, or not, of facial hair, and in what shape.  I dare to say that it is the female equivalent of the 'blondes or brunettes' discussion that has been undecided throughout the ages (brunettes obviously). 

It therefore comes as no surprise that the most viewed post of all times of this blog, came after yours truly had some fun with facial hair. But that was just a game. This time, it is not a pre-season game. This is the big championship. It is for real. We are talking opening the front door and facing real people that will judge me, not based on my enchanting charms or brilliant intelligence, but on my highly visible hipster mustache.

I am not sure what to do. There are moment when I like it. It is a change, something new and I like my ridiculously soft cheeks. However, there are moments when I walk by a window and I turn around as I think I just caught a glimpse of my dad, or even more common, the reflection of my mustache simply makes me giggle.

So what do I do?!? Of course, I ask all of you; what do I do? I keep it, or go back to full beard?

-Votes from women count double.
-Votes from brunettes count triple.
-Votes from my wife decide no matter what the rest of you say. 


  1. Full beard or die

    (brunette? man)

  2. And what about pubic hair trimming?

  3. The way of the genius:

    Summer: hairless
    Fall: goatee
    Winter: full beard
    Spring: mustache

    And brunettes 4ever, of course.