Aug 27, 2012

The Dark Side of Oakland

'Oh I salute you dark emperor of the western civilization. I thank you for allowing your humble server to enter your sacred shrine of consumerism, to roam your inexplicable labyrinth of flat packages and take home what millions before me already have taken home. I swear upon the sparkling costumes of Abba to never, ever reveal the secrets of the instructions.'

Maybe you did not know this, but all Swedes must chant this three time, facing the polar circle, before entering any Ikea store. If not, the micro-chips installed in all Ikea furniture will be activated and they will attack... Well, that is actually classified information. Let's just say it is better for world peace that we Swedes do not forget to do it. 

But yes, I did for some inexplicable reason go to Ikea the other day, and I did for some inexplicable reason utter the following words to my wife before going; 'we just need to buy...'. Yes, you heard me. Like a rookie I honestly believed I could enter Ikea and buy only one thing. Three hours later, having bought six thousand things, we were done. But it was worth it, because so is our house.

I am not that naive to think we have finally finished decorating our home, but it is kind of a big step to hang pictures that have been located in our closet for the last two years on the wall. 

What is it about making a hole in the wall that makes me feel naughty?

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