Jul 16, 2012

Highway to Santa Monica

A 1967 Chrysler 300 Convertible speaks to you. It's true. Simply close your eyes, focus and you can hear how it whispers to you; 'take me out on the highway'. So imagine putting on your sun glasses, turn the key and feel the motor roaring while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge with the pacific wind and the open highway as your companion - it spells freedom
Now, take this image, and change the Chrysler 300 Convertible into a Chevrolet Malibu Sedan, add our fearless highway companions Elia and (my) Pablo, and you got the set-up for our own little 'Thelma and Louise' movie... without the ending... and Brad Pitt.

Driving down Highway 5 from San Francisco to Los Angeles is very complicated. You get on the highway and drive straight ahead for 6 hours. There is one place where there is a slight turn to the right. You can almost notice it. If you hold up your arms it tickles in the tummy. 

That truck stop

So the trip was all about things such as 'name all the states of the US' (we did 48 and only invented two states), 'the list of things to do before you die' (stage diving was mentioned at one point) and rejoicing how In-N-Out burgers manage to combine the whopping name of 'double-double animal style' hamburger with a great hamburger; In-N-Out burgers - where marketing meats taste! 

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  1. Double-double animal style saved our lives :)

    Miss you so, so much!