Jul 13, 2011

Friends of Mine

As you already know, I sometimes find my inspiration over at GoldenGateBabies. It does not happen often, but sometimes I cannot help but to copy, I mean, get inspired and write something similar (the same) here. I also have the excuse that I am really helping the English speaking community understand what my lovely wife is telling in her blog.

Anyways, alongside my beautiful published poetry-writing wife, and not to mention my own incredible addition to the history of literature, we have some very amazing and talented friends scattered across the globe. Like the actor/dubber/musician/poet/life-enjoyer Nacho Aldeguer for example, who is not only appearing in all TV shows and movies, but is also known for the best porn mustache in history, and had a career high point with the "DJ-drummer" duo 'The Establishment' he had for some months with some extremely attractive and talented Swedish guy...

What I really wanted to mention today though is the duo Medelia, or as we know them, Elia Maqueda and Pablo Medel. They are currently in a small town in Spain freezing their asses off while recording their upcoming album. We really hope that it is all going great, and that their inspiration and talent is not located in their behinds... We cannot wait to see the final result, especially considering that Miss Cupcake chewed up the EP they sent us, her way of showing appreciation. You might want to consider going for plastic this time...

'Take me Down' - Medelia

P.S Anyone spotted the Adam Green reference?!?

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