Jul 17, 2012

Why I Don't Like LA

Before going somewhere you have an image of what it is going to be like. Stockholm is full of blondes making perfect, straight lines to Ikea while listening to Abba. Madrid is full of short, brown-haired people trying to cut the line to the bar while listening to flamenco. And San Francisco is full of hipster people only going to the organic restaurant if there is a long line (and a twitter account) while listening to their iPhone. 

And then you go there... and it is true. More or less. So after our road trip down to Los Angeles, you expect plastically enhanced people in big sunglasses passing the line in the VIP line to the trendiest place in town while listening to people screaming their name. Kind of.

I must say that what we did see of Los Angeles wasn't very trendy at all. Not even very interesting. After five minutes on the 'Walk of Fame', Hollywood was all done, Rodeo Drive had expensive looking windows and Mulholland Drive is a great name for a street. The rest was endless streets of houses. Someone told me that LA is a town that you either love or hate. 

Note feeling the love so far. 

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  1. Agreed. But we had fun and we tried the Pacific ocean in Santa Barbara. And the jacuzzi!