Jul 30, 2012

Don't Call C.S.I!

Crimes are time-barred as far as I know. Now, after the years have passed, and I am an old man ready to face my past, I should be able to safely come out after years of hiding, walking in the shadows and jumping of fear at the sound of a police car. Yes, I am about to reveal my darker side, on the wrong side of the law. With tattoos. 

Back in the days, I had this weird thing where I would 'tag' any apartment I lived in. I have no idea why it started, but if you ever happen to rent or buy an apartment, and find the initials 'MR' written  in small letters somewhere, that would be me. Don't erase it, maybe you can sell it on eBay someday when I am famous. 

These need to leave a trace for history might not be yet another example of my weird personality, but something that we all have a need to do. Just look at the Walk of Fame. Or something more classy, like how Miss Cupcake found it fascinating when her grandma showed her to make hand prints. 

Good thing our walls are white...

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