Jul 31, 2012

Why I Use Mr Daddy

The Internet is not the best destination to place sensitive information, given the reach and ease of spreading things, combined with the insatiable need for people to gossip. This is why you should never, ever publish something you don't want people to know about you online. 

Let me show you.  

Nick names. The world is full of them. Some more innovating than other, and some definitely more flattering than others. My name is Markus, which in Sweden means you get called 'Mackan' (sandwich). Feel free to try and call me that some day, just keep in mind that there is no need to repeat it, I am simply ignoring you until you stop.

I used to live in Spain, the birthplace of transforming a name into something that rimes with something else. It came to a point where I have friends that I am not entirely sure what their legal name is. Spaniards simply have a doctors title in nickname creation, which is why Spain is full of Pacos (Francisco), Pepes (José) or Mamens (Maria Carmen).

Considering the amount of people with the name of José, I am amazed that Miss Cupcake found a new nickname that I never heard of, and it makes perfect sense. Grandpa is named Jose Manuel, which of course is way too complicated to say, so Miss Cupcake calls him 'Ce-jo'. 

Short, catchy, fresh and absolutely brilliant. Watch out Cee-lo, there is competition in town!

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