Apr 15, 2012

Lpjlkoiokioi anyone?

I asked Miss Cupcake to write a guest entry for the blog. She accepted and was thrilled about sharing her opinions on the US primaries and the economic recession. 

For you who don't read 'cupcake', you should take it up. It will be more useful than Chinese in the future. Secondly, until you get your act together, she is listing the family in the following order; mom, dad, Miss Cupcake, grandpa, grandpa again (just in case) and the last thing she would not say, but she laughed a lot writing it.  

Probably because of the 'poop' part...





fmbujno9iklopolibhi  j k 
khigg gjh jjkljljbbion poop  -n m ,.-.

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