Apr 12, 2012

My Love for Social Networks

Note: as my dad would say - it is a bit noisy

Hopefully it does not come as a surprise to anyone that I love my wife, although a bit more if posible on days like this one. My love of social networks however is all about days like these, and will shortly go back to 'endless source of [enter 'awesomely cool thing I am doing now' here] updates time spender' mode. 

But not today, and the reason is this one:

You might know that I am from a small city up in northern Sweden (take a right at the arctic circle and you are there). You might know that it is called Umeå, or 'Oh Me You'. Don't worry if you have not heard about it, as it is not famous for much unless you are a fanatic of ice hockey from the 80ies, or if you were part of the straight edge scene in the 90ies. Because Umeå, surrounded by threes, snow and more trees, managed to be part of the 'scene', making my high school change the menu to offer a vegetarian and vegan meal, and having hardcore bands from the US start their world tours in the north of Sweden. 

This was all thanks to the band Refused. As Umeå is a small city, my sister went to the same high school as the charismatic lead singer Dennis Lyxen. Or at least I think so. The validity of this statement is not the key thing. The statement itself is. 

I watched Refused in concert back in the days, something my wife and her friends in Spain was very envious of. They stopped playing in the late 90ies, only to make a reunion this year. 

And they are playing in San Francisco. 
And there are no tickets. 
Bummer, right?
Go home to sulk, correct?

Nope. Not my wife. She goes on to her social network of choice, finds Mr. Dennis, writes to him, asking if he knows how to get a ticket. He answers that we should not worry. Yes, that means we do not only get a ticket, we are with the band.

Thank you wife. 
Thank you social network. 
Thank you Dennis.
Thank you sister for possibly having gone to school with Dennis.
Thank you Refused for choosing the Hives to play with.
Thank you baby sitter for being available that day.

Thank you!


  1. Here are some other facts:
    * My sister aka your cousin was in the same class as Dennis fore one year - "Social linje" at Dragonskolan.
    * I'm childhood friends with the drummer David. We're from the same neighborhood.
    * I did my military service with Davids older brother.
    * I used to play football aka soccer with Kristofer Steen who played bass in the band.

    So maby I can get with the band too?

  2. You earned it more than we did...