Mar 18, 2012

Instant Printing

I am somewhat of a late adopter to most things. Might be that I am old fashion, or that I don't like change. Most likely I am just lazy. I got my first email address when I began university mainly to shut up a friend of mine who had been bugging me on the vital importance of receiving tons and tons of spam. I did not use it for over a year. 

Still at the university, I was the last person of my friends to get a mobile phone as I did not see the point. Call me at home and if I am not there, I am doing something. Just call me later. And don't write a mail, not checking those... 

Last but not least, I did not get on the wave of downloading music electronically, and have no plans of getting on it. Music is like women; the user experience improves vastly with the physical format. 

So you can imagine my standpoint when the digital camera came along. Let's say I was not precisely bubbling with enthusiasm. My main objection was not so much on taking the photo, but who it was consumed. When you go digital, you take more pictures that end up collecting dust in some folder on your computer. 

I mainly use Instagram (you can view my photos here even though you are not a user), an application that allow you to take pictures and add filters to them to make it seem like you know something about photography. Remember, I am lazy, so it is not like I am going to sit down and learn photography. Come one. 

One main reason of starting this blog was to to do something with all the Instagram pictures I take. I also just used Pinstagram, which is a lovely company that makes posters of you photos. I just got mine today, and I love it. Especially as it summarizes our time in San Francisco. 

Now I just need to frame the poster so it doesn't end up collecting dust. Oh, the laziness...

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