Dec 6, 2010

A day in the life

The big difference between being on holiday or actually living in a city is a bit blurry at first. You feel like a tourist because you are always looking up and around at things, having that child-like expression on your face when everything is new. You get nervous for every little thing as you haven't done it before; ¨how do you order take-away here?!?¨

But little by little the every-day life sneaks up on you, which is nice, embracing you in the comfort of routines, and this is my everyday routine in a short summary. (yes, I have bought myself an Iphone and I love the Instagram application where you can take photos and put filters on them to make it look like it is 1972.)

7:35 I wait for the number 5 bus at McAllister

7:50 I get in the queue for the Yahoo! shuttle bus in front of the Opera.

9:15: I get to the Yahoo! offices in Sunnyvale, building E

9:20 I sit down at my desk

9:21 I say good morning to my tiger

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