Mar 9, 2012

Living a Dream

So we all know about my slight obsession around organization by now; we have all embraced it and we are all ok with it. This also means that now, that I am about to tell you all a story, you find it perfectly normal and not weird, right?

So I used to have this dream when I was younger, that combined two of my biggest pleasures (and no, it did not involve boobs). The dream was simple; I would get a job at a record label or something similar, and my new boss, an attractive young woman (ok, so maybe there was a hint of boobs in it...) would take me to my 'office', which was this enormous room filled with records in a big pile. The pile was gigantic, so big you could climb it and ride down. 

My job - organize it. The combination of discovering and classifying music. [making Homer Simpson drooling sound].

This dream came true the other day. Not really, but kind of. 

There is this wonderful store on Grant Street (I cannot seem to find the 'official' name of the store) that is filled, from top to bottom, with records. Only categorized in genre, kind of; some in creates stacked on top of each other, or in iles that are so narrow you don't fit in them. It is absolutely wonderful, and absolutely frustrating as there is no way to go through it and find the gems that surely lie there, somewhere. Waiting. 

I don't care though - I lived my dream. Kind of. 

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