Mar 11, 2012

The Gift of Tee

Shopping for gifts is a true pain in the 'area between your lower back and your upper thighs'. The reason is simple; I like to give gifts. I like to give gifts when people least expect them. I like to give gifts that are useful, funny or somehow connects with the receiver, having them return the standard reply 'wow, that's nice!' and actually mean it. 

The feeling of having to buy something because Macy's established so, under pressure from the obvious fact of knowing that the originality of the gift will be viewed by the receiver as being directly tied to how much you care about the person even though no one admits to, while you are standing with socks in one hand and a potato peeler in the other hand is, to say the least, frustrating.

This is why I want to officially thank San FranPsycho for providing the perfect option for a simple but different gift; something easy to send to far away friends, something related to San Francisco that is not a cable car refrigerator magnet or, in my opinion, disappointingly lame Ghirardelli Chocolates. 

Sexy Mom used them for her little online competition, and I did the same, as I copy most of the good ideas she has and call them mine, to spice up the video creators of the surprise to Sexy Mom.

The winner? Fernando's stop-motion video. He will get this 'For All Heather Lake' Blue Tee from San FranPsycho tee sent all the way to London, which has been quality tested by my lovely assistent.

Her conclusion; 'mine!'.

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  1. Que buena idea lo de los videos y que preciosa la modelo!!!