Mar 8, 2012

The Freedom Simulator

Freedom comes with the ability to move. Ever since little Miss Cupcake started to walk, she has been a happier child as she can go where she wants to go, and her parents have been more worried as she can go where she wants to go. 

As freedom is closely tied with moving about, the opposite is also valid. This is why Miss Cupcake is not a huge fan of the stroller, and it makes perfect sense. 
Does the stroller move? Yes. That is good. 
Does Miss Cupcake control where it goes? No. That is bad. 
Does being strapped down to the stroller improve movability? No. That is very bad. 

Luckily her Houdini skills allows her to wiggle out of the stroller to the delight of her parents that will all of a sudden see a child roll out of the stroller as they are walking down one of many steep hills of San Francisco. Exactly the same technique as the bad guy in the Terminator 2 movie that turns into liquid, but with less shooting and more lollipops. 

So this is why I want to publicly thank Bogaboo for creating the 'freedom simulator'. They call it the 'wheeled board' to use for the extra child. I call it 'the way to get a child that does not want to go in the stroller because it constraints her freedom to think she has more freedom because she can stand up without being strapped to something, even though she cannot go where she wants' thingy. 

Now you know why 'freedom simulator' is shorter and catchier. 

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