Jan 20, 2012

The West Coast Entourage

Friends of Mine by Adam Green is a good song. Including the word 'friends' is about the only thing the song has in common with this blog post, so you could discuss the need to add this information here at all. But I did, so not much to do about it now.

Lately Miss Cupcake is not happy about going to daycare. She is getting older as well, which means that it is getting harder to trick her. She knows immediately depending on the route taken that we are off to daycare, and she starts protesting, suggesting alternative routes, mainly the cable car museum. Later when she gets to daycare, we get pictures of her running around like crazy, reading and jumping. If you later ask her about her day, she will say she had fun. But she doesn't like the fact of going there, or something... 

Don't ask me. Women...

I don't worry though, because I know that she will be fine. And one of the reasons why she has so much fun is her group of friends, and they are very cute together in different shades of purple/pink, don't you think?

I should have included something like "let me introduce you to some friends of mine', and like that tie back to the first sentence around Adam Green, and it would have made some sense. 

Ah well, next time. 

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