Jan 13, 2012

'I Love Cable Cars'

Personally I have a 'love & hate' relationship for the famous cable cars running through San Francisco. Love because it is very idyllic to see them pass by the living room window. Hate because while passing it makes a ridiculous amount of noise. Love as they represent an important part of the history of the city. Hate because it has now converted into a turist attraction at six bucks a ride.

This Christmas will be remembered as the "Cable Car Christmas". On one hand as while the family was visting from Spain, we got the monthly pass so they could use the cable car without having to sell a kidney to finance the trips. Miss Cupcake was on the cable car on a daily basis. On the other hand, the grand parents made it part of the daily routine to pass the Cable Car museum that is just around the corner. The overdose of cable cars has come to the point where you can ride the cable car with Miss Cupcake, and she will tell you where to get off to get to the museum. 


The result of this; Miss Cupcake has omitted the "hate" part of her relationship to cable car. It is all love. Endless love! She spent the last trip looking out of the window, jumping and screaming; "Daddy - I like it!"

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