Jan 19, 2012

Going Armani Style

I am a bit sad today. And the reason is simple. We came to the end of the seasons available online of Mad Men. For those of you that has not for some reason seen this wonderful serie, it is about the advertising business in the 1950.

Don't be fooled though, because it it not really about advertising, or the relationships, or who sleeps with who (and a lot of people sleeps with a lot of people). It is all about them smoking, and drinking all the time and looking amazingly attractive doing so. This series should be prohibited as a serious health risk as even I started considering smoking. 

Now, mom and dad, don't worry. I don't smoke. Not even to look cool.    

What did happen though was that I bought myself a suit. It has to do with something that happens next week, but that we will cover next week. Hopefully you will too... Anyways, I got a suit for the first time in my life that makes me feel a) grown-up and b) like a kid (as I wanted to take it on to go to work the next day... and smoke... and drink).

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