Jan 29, 2012

Surprise, Surprise!

So it was my birthday on Thursday - thank you all for the birthday wishes! - and when there is a birthday, normally there tend to be some kind of a celebration. We left that part for Friday, and I got clear instructions from Sexy Mom; be at Café Meuse at 7.30pm. 

I love surprises!!

But what could it be?!? 'You can never guess where we are going'. Hmm, so we are going some place; for dinner, drinks and/or skydiving? Or is she just diverting my attention from what is really the plan? Or maybe it isn't even my birthday and it is all a trick...

I get to the bar at time, open the door and see Silvia sitting at the table at the back, with someone. I only see her back, and still it is enough to see... it is my sister!! She has come for a surprise visit during the weekend from Boston!!

Best present ever, both for little miss Cupcake and myself!

Her Harvard mentor

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