Jan 28, 2012

Why the Hat is the Best Option...

When you become a father, there are obvious things that you have to deal with that is new territory to you. This includes multi-tasking to the "holding your baby in one arm and opening a wine bottle with the other"- level (not possible by the way), trying to make your brain work one a reasonable level after a sleepless night, and the handling of all kinds of shapes, colors and textures of poop.

Then there are other, more surprisingly areas, that comes creeping up on you, leaving you to get into MacGyver mode and do the best of the situation. I really hope you all know who MacGyver is, otherwise I will just feel very, very old.

One of these is the organisation and presentation process of female hair. Yes, I am talking about making a pigtail. For a man, this is not only completely new and unknown territory; it means facing the inhuman task of trying to organize something without any kind of instruction book on an object that is constantly moving. 

And no, it is not a matter of "just getting the hair through the rubberband". First of all, why do they have to make them so darn small?!? She has a lot of hair! Secondly, when you finally manage to gently force the hair through with little grace, and triumphantly take a step back to look at the creation, the two tails are of course not precisely on the same height, actually not even close, making them seem like two satellites put into orbit on collision course. 

Considering the difficulty of the task at hand, I did not do too bad, right? And yes, I did buy her a baseball cap. Just need to brake the glass in case of emergencies. Both of us appreciate that. 

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