Jan 25, 2012

Sweden versus California

I am a music nerd. And a proud one. I am not sure when my obsession with music started. I have memories of going to my parents vinyl collection, and I loved the feeling of flipping through the albums, even though it was mainly to look at the cover of the Dolly Parton album. I liked... the scope of it.

I think my first album I ever owned was either Michael Jacksons 'Thriller', or Swedish pop sensation Niklas Stromstedt, even though you might hear rumors claiming I was a huge Michael Bolton fan, they are totally untrue of course. Can a guy not appreciate a hair cut without having to be labeled a 'fan'?!?

It might sound cheesy, but my fascination for music is that it sets a soundtrack to your life. Music can highlight and make a sensation stronger, or make it go away, depending on what you are looking for. I connect memories to a specific song, and I remember when and where I bought a record, even though I might not remember the name of the songs on it. 

Let's put this theory into practice with an example.

I am from the north of Sweden, from a small town that is surrounded by forrest, with a long winter and a cold and sometimes unfriendly climate. That is difficult to relate to in words. But listen to this track of Sigur Ros. I have never heard a song that captures what the north of Sweden is about - a cold, bare beauty. 

Now we are living in San Francisco California, a strange mix of sunny, troubleless beach day and cold foggy days. Difficult to grasp but set in tones, it makes perfect sense. 

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