Dec 20, 2011

I play, therefore I am

In my series of preparing myself for Miss Cupcake's second birthday, it is time for the second edition that will cover education. It was not long ago she had her first day at day care, and we as parents were of course nervous (read hysterical) if she would be ok without her parents all day long.

Of course things changes, and now she will wake up go running for her backpack, go to day care singing and saying 'hello!!' to anyone that walks by and happily scream 'bye bye daddy, have fun' when I drop her off. Logically, I am not happy with this, but instead ask myself if she is having too much fun without her parents. 

It is the responsibility of any responsible parent to always be worried. And I take it seriously. 

Next year she is on top of it going to try pre-school. The teachers at day care feel she is ready for it, one year early, as she has the ability to concentrate and sit still for the activities. 

Two things; 
1. Great! Proud dad. Only need to agree on if this intelligence comes from mom or dad. The negotiation is tough and is in a current dead lock. 
2. Sit still?!? Seriously? How do you do that without using cords?!?

My sister over at Harvard is already feeling uncomfortable with the new competition gaining ground...

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