Dec 19, 2011

Stay Young, Stay Foolish

The neighbor's daughter just turned ten (Happy Birthday Maddie!), and her mom of course said the inevitable; please stop growing up so fast! It seems like us parents are extremely good at ignoring the obvious; your kids will grow up. My dad said it the other day. "I cannot believe you are married, a father and living in San Francisco". Not sure if he referred to how fast I aged, or if he was just surprised in general come to think of it...

Anyways, of course I do the same. I know Miss Cupcake will grow up, but at the same time I get so surprised when she does "grown up" stuff. As an example, today, after lunch, I went to the kitchen for some ice cream. I can do that; I am a grown up. More or less. I sat down in the sofa, and Miss Cupcake spots me. She runs to her room, gets the chair which she pushes all the way to the kitchen. She gets up on it to reach the top drawer, which she pulls out to get a spoon.

She later comes running yelling "mmmmmm"'!!

Or the other day when Sexy Mom and myself were in the kitchen preparing dinner while Miss Cupcake sat in the living room watching cartoons. All of a sudden the episode is over, and the room fills with silence. No complaints. Weird... Thirty seconds later, Arctic Monkeys is blasting on a correct volume for some rock n roll, that is, loud. She had managed to change program on the computer and choose a song of her liking. 

Plus points for musical taste. Minus points for premature teenage revolution. 

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