Dec 23, 2011

Cupcake on a Swing

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting the last episode of the biggest grossing trilogy in history after "The Lord of the Rings" and those books from the Swedish dude that everyone is reading, and I will not keep you waiting for one second more! After covering religion, I guess, and education, it is not time for the epic final [enter fireworks].

We are only a day away from Miss Cupcake's second birthday, and we are way more nervous than she is. People on the street seems to be running around like crazy as well preparing for the great day, however I am not entirely sure if it is connected to her birthday or some local Californian festivity called 'Christmas'.

Some legacy from the hippie movement I guess...

I am slowly coming to terms with time moving too fast. Reluctantly. The last evidence of my baby not being much of a baby anymore (she even cuddles up at times in my arms saying 'Leah baby', as if she remembers how she used to sleep in my arms) is this video from the playground the other day.

Some notes:
  • She is swinging by herself. For a parent, from a risk assessing point of view, that is the equivalent of her jumping from an aeroplane with no parachute. 
  • She is saying her own name.
  • She says 'push'. She is now in charge and utters short and direct orders, and she expects them to be executed. Quickly. One of these is 'push'.
  • It seems like licking on metal is something all kids do everywhere. When I was a kid, in January, they had to pry a girl loose from the metal stairs at school as she decided to lick them when it was 30 degrees cold...
Tomorrow is Miss Cupcake's birthday! And Christmas if you have to insist...

Happy Holidays!!

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