Apr 26, 2011

Starting kindergarten

Our girl has already experienced a lot. We always give the example that she learned to sit in Sweden, crawl in Spain and walk in the US. Now she is starting a new phase in her life, which is to go to daycare. It is difficult to explain the feeling you get as a parent, maybe something between "panic" and "concerned" probably. Will she like it? Will she get along with the rest of the kids? And the worst, how will she react when we leave her and we walk out of the door?

When we got there, reinforced with grandma, she was not in the best of moods, and did not want to go with the teacher, of course. When we came into the room, she loosened up and started playing immediately. When I had to leave, I asked, "what is the best way to do this". The teacher suggested simply saying goodbye, give a kiss and leave. So I got out to put my clothes on, and the teacher came after me, saying I should leave as Miss Cupcake was still playing and had not noticed I had left.

She did notice of course a bit later. However technology is wonderful and makes life easier, especially on hysterical parents. The teachers send us photos all day, and seeing her covered in finger paint, giving a cookie to a fellow classmate or running playing makes you feel a whole lot better, and less hysterical. Another advantage, she sleeps very well later at night... we all do.

Always climbing

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