Nov 26, 2011

No Need for Daddy

In my humble opinion, being a good parent comes down to being a organization wizard. Organizing very small portions of time with very small portions of attention spans. Micro-time management at its finest. 

I know that a Pocoyo episode is seven minutes. This means that if I put Miss Cupcake in front of the computer, I have seven minutes to do whatever it is I plan to do. On your marks, get ready, set... and go [enter music from Benny Hill]! You would be amazed what you can do in seven minutes. Some times I even have time left over and need to grab a tea while I wait.

Luckily the attention span each day gets longer and longer, relatively speaking. It is amazing to see Miss Cupcake entertain herself for a while. A short but yet significant moment of self-entertainment. 

It only brings up another problem; what am I supposed to do if she does not need my attention?!?

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