Nov 28, 2011

Apples from the Trees

We are getting more advanced in the fine art of person identification. Miss Cupcake can of course nail down her parents, even though she adds an unexpected 's' at the end converting us in to plural beings (mamish and papish), which is not far from the truth considering how we juggle parenthood/profesional life/marriage. 
She can also name most family members, including grand parents and aunts/uncles, and people around us here, including neighbors, baby sitters and other kids at the daycare. She tends to say their names once they have left the room though...

She did not however say her own name, until recently. The only problem is that she says 'Lia', not 'Leah'. Do'oh! Kids... This is how her chinese teacher at school say her name, and she of course went and listened to them instead of her parents. Hope it is not a trend. 

Just for fun, I showed her a picture of myself at her age. It is hanging in her room. Her response?

-'Look, Lia'.

What do you think? Is it difficult to tell who is who? 

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  1. She looks like her mom
    Silv..... Anonymous